I've created science-based resources, tools, and systems to support student success. 


After years of teaching and tutoring dozens of students, I understand what students consistently struggle with. 

Students know they are expected to display their knowledge on tests, in essays, and through active engagement in class. However, teachers are so busy teaching content in our test-based school system, they often don't have time to teach students exactly how to succeed at these essential tasks. 

Students everywhere tell me they were never explicitly taught foundational skills such as effective note-taking, strong study strategies, planning powerful essays, staying focused, and defeating procrastination. 

This is why I love to teach students how to empower themselves in their learning. 

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How to Study for Finals Masterclass 

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This Masterclass will quickly and efficiently strengthen study skills with knowledge, strategies, and tools to ensure students perform better on tests. 

  • Learn the stages of acquiring knowledge 
  • Differentiate between ineffective and effective study strategies 
  • Discover the power of my science-based tool, The Successful Studying System™
  • Gain access to the Test Prep Planner and Game Changing Error Analysis Tool to support your studying efforts 
  • Level up your academic performance with my step-by-step instructions and exemplar presentations
  • Bonus: begin developing a life-changing growth mindset
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The 3 Best & 3 Worst Study Strategies to Use This Finals Season

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Hey there!

I'm Jaclyn DiDomenico


More About Me
My courses empower students with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive both in and out of the classroom. 

In our test-based school system, teachers often do not have time to explicitly teach students how to do foundational skills such as studying, note-taking, and planning. Consequently, students are left to their own devices.

Even more complex life skills such as utilizing strengths, maintaining motivation, setting goals, developing relationships, and realizing resilience are left to already busy parents. 

I support teachers, parents, and students by creating science-based tools, strategies, and systems for students to learn effectively, increase executive functioning, and strengthen their social-emotional intelligence. 

“The expert guidance and support is worth every penny.”

High School Parent

“After working with Jaclyn, my son was proud of himself.”

Middle School Parent

“Virtual sessions have been just as effective as in-person sessions!”

Middle School Parent

“Jaclyn has been a life saver with our son. She has worked with him to get his grades up and has prepared him for high school. She’s very dedicated to her students and goes above and beyond to help them succeed in school.”

High School Parent

“Jaclyn goes the extra mile to assist our son in his learning. She has been supportive and understanding of his diverse learning needs and accommodates him in whatever way is necessary to try and achieve the best results.”

High School Parent

“Jaclyn has been amazing for our son as we all navigate a new ADD diagnosis. Patient yet firm, Jackie always has great tips to help him organize & plan. She also has a great rapport with him.”

Middle School Parent

Often, students are not explicitly taught the skills they need to succeed in school. 

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